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Safety Publications

Pinch Hitter™ Syllabus

Introduces flight principles and a basic overview of instruments and radio communications to help non-pilots land an aircraft safely in the event of pilot incapacitation.

VFR into IMC Syllabus

Recommended for use by flight instructors and flight schools to help pilots recognize and safely exit inadvertent VFR flight into IMC.

Anatomy of a Valve Failure: The View Through the Borescope - Diagnosing Valve Problems

Modern borescopes are fantastic tools for determining the health of piston engines, and they give us the unprecedented ability to make and share digital images of the things we see inside cylinders.

VFR Pilot Personal Minimums Contract and 
IFR Pilot Personal Minimums Contract

Establish your personal minimums well in advance of a flight and make them part of a contract you make with yourself, your passengers, and your family. 

Airspace at-a-Glance Card

Know at a glance what the weather minimums and communication requirements are for the airspace around you.

Pilot Report (Pirep) Form

Give pireps. This handy form makes it easy!

Aging and the General Aviation Pilot: Research and Recommendations

How much does aging degrade our piloting performance? Explore the overall impact of age and ways pilots can minimize or delay negative effects.